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Learning and Instruction

Volume 8, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Cognitive processes and strategies employed by children to learn spatial representations

    Hitendra Pillay

    Children often have difficulties in learning spatial representations. This study investigated the effect of four different instructional formats on learning outcomes and strategies used when... More

    pp. 1-18

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  2. Novel constructivist learning environments and novel technologies: some issues to be concerned with

    Gavriel Salomon

    Three issues are discussed. One concerns the instructional goals of constructivist environments: Are they to be aimed at the processes of social participation and the joint system's operation, or... More

    pp. 3-12

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  3. Boosting students' capacity to promote their own learning: a goal theory perspective

    Monique Boekaerts

    pp. 13-22

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  4. Using structural theory to make a word-processing manual more understandable

    Stefan Hagmann, Richard E. Mayer & Peter Nenniger

    We used Mayer's (1979, 1985) transactional theory of computer programming languages to modify a word-processing manual, that is, we added visual and verbal descriptions of what happened inside the ... More

    pp. 19-35

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  5. Cooperative learning and the appropriation of procedural knowledge by primary school children

    Sylvia Rojas-Drummond, Gerardo Hernández, Maricela Vélez & Gabina Villagrán

    This paper analyses the development and promotion of self-regulatory strategies for comprehending and learning from text in primary school children (9 years old), using cooperative learning.... More

    pp. 37-61

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  6. Improving text comprehension strategies in reading and listening settings

    S. Brand-Gruwel, C.A.J. Aarnoutse & K.P. Van Den Bos

    Traditional intervention programs for children with decoding and reading comprehension problems often focus on remediation of the decoding ability. The goal of this study was to determine whether... More

    pp. 63-81

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  7. Is my understanding yours? A study of higher education students' reading for understanding and the effects of different texts

    Susan Hallam & Hazel Francis

    This study explores the cognitive and affective reactions of 25 higher degree students to a text reading task under conditions which were designed to induce thorough understanding. Each participant... More

    pp. 83-95

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