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Learning and Instruction

Volume 6, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Towards a revised cognitive psychology for new advances in learning and instruction

    Stella Vosniadou

    Cognitive psychological research has produced rich descriptions of the mental representations and processes that underlie performance in many school-related subject matter areas, making it possible... More

    pp. 95-109

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  2. Students' drafting strategies and text quality

    Annie Piolat & Jean-Yves Roussey

    The study reports an analysis of the drafts produced by two groups of students during an exam. Drafts were categorized as a function of some of their graphic features (e.g. their length), and of... More

    pp. 111-129

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  3. Children's development in solving a certain class of additive problems in mathematics: A didactic intervention based on action

    Nadine Bednarz & Catherine Garnier

    Several studies have brought to light the difficulties which children experience in the representation and solution of change problems in mathematics. Analysis of these difficulties has uncovered... More

    pp. 131-150

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  4. Students' and teachers' goals in the classroom

    Marina S Lemos

    The study presented in this article is aimed at understanding students' goal orientation in a classroom context. The methodology developed for this purpose has two main distinctive features: (a)... More

    pp. 151-171

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  5. Orchestrating a mathematical theme: Eleven-year olds discuss the problem of infinity

    Inger Wistedt & Mats Martinsson

    The article focuses on the process of learning in joint problem solving and the aim is to give an empirical account of how communication can play a vital role when children seek to understand a... More

    pp. 173-185

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