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Learning and Instruction

Volume 5, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Fusing experience and theory: The structure of professional knowledge

    R. Bromme & H. Tillema

    pp. 261-267

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  2. Knowledge development and restructuring in the domain of medicine: The role of theory and practice

    H.P.A. Boshuizen, H.G. Schmidt, E.J.F.M. Custers & M.W. Van De Wiel

    How does the knowledge of the medical student, clerk, intern, and registrar develop and how do formal and informal, classroom and experiential learning contribute to this process? These questions... More

    pp. 269-289

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  3. Changing the professional knowledge and beliefs of teachers: A training study

    H.H. Tillema

    The knowledge and beliefs in a domain constitute the cognitive “working capital” of the professional. Restructuring this professional knowledge, as is strived for in training or professional... More

    pp. 291-318

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  4. Polycontextuality and boundary crossing in expert cognition: Learning and problem solving in complex work activities

    Yrjö Engeström, Ritva Engeström & Merja Kärkkäinen

    pp. 319-336

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  5. Implicit psychological concepts in architects' knowledge — How large is a large room?

    Riklef Rambow & Rainer Bromme

    Architects create environments for human behaviour. Therefore they need — in addition to technical and design knowledge — some sort of “psychological” knowledge of the effects of their planning... More

    pp. 337-355

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  6. Strategies, competence and style—Problem solving in engineering design

    Rüdiger Von Der Weth & Eckart Frankenberger

    In a series of laboratory studies, mechanical engineers and engineering students with different levels of experience and knowledge designed a device. As a starting point, the numerous ways of... More

    pp. 357-383

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  7. How does experience affect theoretical knowledge for teaching?

    Charles Desforges

    In this paper, I examine the literature on novice-expert shifts in teachers' knowledge from the perspective of constructivist learning theory and with a view to identifying lessons for teacher... More

    pp. 385-400

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  8. Integrating professional knowledge: The theory of practice and the practice of theory

    Gaea Leinhardt, Kathleen McCarthy Young & Jennifer Merriman

    pp. 401-408

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  9. Fusing experience and theory — Sociopolitical and cognitive issues

    Frank Achtenhagen

    This commentary will deal with the social and political context of professional knowledge and behavior, taking into account problems of the certification system. In addition, questions that concern... More

    pp. 409-417

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