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Learning and Instruction

1995 Volume 5, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. The effects of early phonological awareness training on reading success

    Lea Kozminsky & Ely Kozminsky

    This longitudinal study establishes predictive and causal relationships between pre-reading phonological awareness (PA) and reading success in first and third grades. Seventy students from two... More

    pp. 187-201

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  2. Intervention in comprehension and memory strategies: Knowledge and use of text structure

    Jose A León & Mario Carretero

    A reading comprehension instructional programme was analyzed in two complementary studies. This programme was designed to improve knowledge and use of the text structure as a comprehension strategy... More

    pp. 203-220

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  3. Students' self-concept in relation to perceived differential teacher treatment

    Anke W Blöte

    The purpose of this research was to replicate and extend Babad's [Journal of Educational Psychology, 82, 683–690 (1990b)] study on students' and teachers' perceptions of teacher behavior directed... More

    pp. 221-236

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  4. The cognitive apprenticeship model in a technologically rich learning environment: Interpreting the learning interaction

    Sanna Järvelä

    The aim of this study was to analyze the qualitative features of the teacher-student interaction during classroom teaching and learning while modern technological thinking and problem-solving... More

    pp. 237-259

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