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Learning and Instruction

Volume 5, Number 1

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  1. The precursors of writing: Graphic representation in preschool children

    Margaret Martlew & Angela Sorsby

    Preschool children's representational abilities were investigated in relation to their ability to use their knowledge of graphic notation. The children were given a series of tasks requiring the... More

    pp. 1-19

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  2. Learning for later teaching: An exploration of mediational links between teaching expectancy and learning results

    Alexander Renkl

    It was investigated to what extent the expectancy of a teaching demand influences learning results. In addition, possible mediator effects were explored. Thirty-six subjects (students of education)... More

    pp. 21-36

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  3. Gender differences in structure, means and variances of hierarchically ordered ability dimensions

    Monica Rosén

    The study investigates gender differences in cognitive abilities using a multivariate, latent variables approach. A test battery of 13 ability tests and 3 standardized achievement tests was given... More

    pp. 37-62

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  4. The academic self-schema: An experimental illustration

    Delphine Martinot & Jean-Marc Monteil

    In continuation of past research on the academic self-concept, this article attempts to provide evidence of the existence of an academic self-schema. The results obtained using Markus' (1977)... More

    pp. 63-76

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  5. Children's understanding of graphic representations of quantitative data

    Rod Gerber, Gillian Boulton-Lewis & Christine Bruce

    Children are encountering more and more graphic representations of data in their learning and everyday life. Much of this data occurs in quantitative forms as different forms of measurement are... More

    pp. 77-100

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