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Learning and Instruction

October 2013 Volume 27, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Animated and static concept maps enhance learning from spoken narration

    Olusola O. Adesope & John C. Nesbit

    An animated concept map represents verbal information in a node-link diagram that changes over time. The goals of the experiment were to evaluate the instructional effects of presenting an animated... More

    pp. 1-10

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  2. Changes in interest and affect during a difficult reading task: Relationships with perceived difficulty and reading fluency

    Sara M. Fulmer & Maria Tulis

    This study investigated changes in middle school students' interest and affect during a moderately difficult reading task. The aim was to explore how changes in interest (topic and situational) and... More

    pp. 11-20

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  3. The role of temperament in children's affective and behavioral responses in achievement situations

    Riikka Hirvonen, Kaisa Aunola, Saija Alatupa, Jaana Viljaranta & Jari-Erik Nurmi

    Although students' affects and behaviors in achievement situations have been shown to be influenced by their previous learning experiences, less is known about how they relate to students'... More

    pp. 21-30

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  4. Gender differences in developmental dyscalculia depend on diagnostic criteria

    Amy Devine, Fruzsina Soltész, Alison Nobes, Usha Goswami & Dénes Szűcs

    Developmental dyscalculia (DD) is a learning difficulty specific to mathematics learning. The prevalence of DD may be equivalent to that of dyslexia, posing an important challenge for effective... More

    pp. 31-39

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  5. Learning with summaries: Effects of representation mode and type of learning activity on comprehension and transfer

    Claudia Leopold, Elke Sumfleth & Detlev Leutner

    The purpose of the experiment was to examine whether students better understand a science text when they are asked to self-generate summaries or to study predefined summaries. Furthermore, we... More

    pp. 40-49

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  6. Plausibility reappraisals and shifts in middle school students' climate change conceptions

    Doug Lombardi, Gale M. Sinatra & E. Michael Nussbaum

    Plausibility is a central but under-examined topic in conceptual change research. Climate change is an important socio-scientific topic; however, many view human-induced climate change as... More

    pp. 50-62

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  7. Written feedback in mathematics: Mediated by students' perception, moderated by goal orientation

    Katrin Rakoczy, Birgit Harks & Eckhard Klieme, German Institute for International Educational Research, Germany; Werner Blum, The University of Kassel, Germany; Jan Hochweber, German Institute for International Educational Research, Germany

    Although feedback is a popular topic in educational research, the question of how and on what conditions feedback in mathematics affects learning seldom has been addressed. In this study, we... More

    pp. 63-73

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