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Learning and Instruction

Volume 16, Number 5

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Using subjective measures to detect variations of intrinsic cognitive load within problems

    Paul Ayres

    Cognitive load theorists have frequently used subjective measures of cognitive load to test the effectiveness of instructional procedures. This study sought to broaden the applications of... More

    pp. 389-400

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  2. The role of scales in student ratings

    Peter Sedlmeier

    Questions used in course evaluations should mainly measure the quality of teaching, and students' answers to those questions should not be influenced by other factors. This paper investigates how... More

    pp. 401-415

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  3. Word associations as a tool for assessing conceptual change in science education

    Tasos Hovardas & Konstantinos J. Korfiatis

    In the present study, we have applied a word association procedure for assessing conceptual change in science education, leaning on the presuppositions of the theory of social representations. The ... More

    pp. 416-432

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  4. Advantages of studying processes in educational research

    Bernhard Schmitz

    It is argued that learning and instruction could be conceptualized from a process-analytic perspective. Important questions from the field of learning and instruction are presented which can be... More

    pp. 433-449

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  5. Testing an instructional model in a university educational setting from the student's perspective

    Fernando Doménech Betoret

    We tested a theoretical model that hypothesized relationships between several variables from input, process and product in an educational setting, from the university student's perspective, using... More

    pp. 450-466

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  6. Perceptions of knowledge and beliefs among undergraduate students in Italy and in the United States

    Liliana Maggioni, Michelle M. Riconscente & Patricia A. Alexander

    This study investigated conceptions of knowledge and beliefs among 242 Italian and 231 American college students. Perceptions of the nature and interrelation of knowledge and beliefs, and prevalent... More

    pp. 467-491

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  7. Prediction of students' argumentation skills about controversial topics by epistemological understanding

    Lucia Mason & Fabio Scirica

    This study focuses on the contribution of overall epistemological understanding to argumentation skills, after controlling for topic knowledge and interest, in eighth graders. Students were... More

    pp. 492-509

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