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Learning and Instruction

Volume 13, Number 6

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Number of articles: 5

  1. A systematic observational study of teachers’ and pupils’ behaviour in large and small classes

    P Blatchford

    Research and debate on class size differences have focused on relations with achievement and there is little relevant research on what mediating classroom processes might be involved. This paper... More

    pp. 569-595

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  2. Physical education teachers’ self-reported use and perceptions of various teaching styles

    Pamela Hodges Kulinna & Donetta J Cothran

    Increasing recognition of the constructivist nature of learning as well as the diversity of student learning styles highlights the need for teachers to use different teaching styles. Unfortunately,... More

    pp. 597-609

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  3. Time course of elaborative inferences in reading as a function of prior vocabulary knowledge

    Manuel G Calvo, Adelina Estevez & Margaret G Dowens

    Elaborative inferences during reading were assessed by means of a naming task and eye-fixation monitoring in low- and high-vocabulary undergraduates. A context sentence was followed by a target... More

    pp. 611-631

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  4. Integrating written metacognitive awareness guidance as a ‘psychological tool’ to improve student performance

    E. Guterman

    A study was designed to test the effect of using MetaCognitive Awareness Guidance (MCAG) as a vehicle for activating and engaging learners’ existing prior knowledge before they begin a reading... More

    pp. 633-651

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  5. Talking for reasoning among Mexican primary school children

    S Rojas-Drummod, V Pérez, M Vélez, L Gómez & A Mendoza

    We analysed the development and promotion of ‘exploratory talk’ as a discursive tool to facilitate collective and individual reasoning in Mexican primary school children, following Mercer et al. ... More

    pp. 653-670

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