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Learning and Instruction

2002 Volume 13, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. L1-assisted reciprocal teaching to improve ESL students’ comprehension of English expository text

    Irene Y.Y Fung, Ian A.G Wilkinson & Dennis W Moore

    A multiple-baseline design across three schools was used to investigate the effects of L1-assisted reciprocal teaching on 12 Year 7 and Year 8 (Grades 6 and 7) Taiwanese ESL students’ comprehension... More

    pp. 1-31

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  2. Animated multimedia ‘talking books’ can promote phonological awareness in children beginning to read

    Pav Chera & Clare Wood

    Studies of computer software have shown its potential to enhance phonological awareness in children with reading difficulties, but few have examined its use with young children. This paper... More

    pp. 33-52

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  3. Providing or designing? Constructing models in primary maths education

    I.M.A.W van Dijk, B van Oers & J Terwel

    The goal of this exploratory study was to uncover the construction processes which occur when pupils are taught to work with models in primary maths education. Two approaches were studied: ... More

    pp. 53-72

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  4. The effects of different review opportunities on schematisation of knowledge

    Debra M.B Herbert & Jennifer S Burt

    Recent research suggests that early in learning, students primarily use episodic memory when recalling information, but as learning develops and schematisation occurs, students’ knowledge is likely... More

    pp. 73-92

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  5. Text remembering as a social process: the role of teacher-student interaction in the acquisition of structure strategy

    M.L de la Mata Benitez

    Processes involved in learning from text were analysed as the result of social interactions in cultural settings, in which text remembering is defined in terms of mediated actions. Teacher–student ... More

    pp. 93-115

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