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Learning and Instruction

Volume 11, Number 6

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Knowing in practice: re-conceptualising vocational expertise

    Stephen Billett

    The following re-conceptualisation of vocational expertise is premised on reconciling contributions from cognitive psychology with those from social and cultural theories of thinking and acting.... More

    pp. 431-452

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  2. Responses to anomalous data on controversial topics and theory change

    Lucia Mason

    This qualitative study was concerned with the role of anomalous data on controversial topics in the process of theory change. Its main aim was to identify the types of reasons that eighth graders... More

    pp. 453-483

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  3. Learning conceptions of young students in the final year of primary education

    Ellen B Klatter, Hans G.L.C Lodewijks & Cor A.J Aarnoutse

    The purpose of this research was to describe young pupils' learning conceptions. In this study, a learning conception was defined as a cluster of interrelated beliefs about different aspects of... More

    pp. 485-516

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  4. Children's reactions to cooperative group work: a strategy for enhancing peer relationships among bullies, victims and bystanders

    H Cowie & L Berdondini

    This investigation increases our understanding of the interpersonal interactions that take place during co-operative group work (CGW) among children nominated by their peers as bullies, victims and... More

    pp. 517-530

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