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Early Years: An International Journal of Research and Development

2016 Volume 36, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Interlaced Social Worlds: Exploring the Use of Social Media in the Kindergarten

    Helen Knauf

    The study presented in this article examines mediatization processes in an American kindergarten. The kindergarten is considered as a social world in which forms of communication, as well as the... More

    pp. 254-270

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  2. An Ecological Exploration of Young Children's Digital Play: Framing Children's Social Experiences with Technologies in Early Childhood

    Lorna Arnott

    This article outlines an ecological framework for describing children's social experiences during digital play. It presents evidence from a study that explored how 3- to 5-year-old children... More

    pp. 271-288

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  3. Digital Play as a Means to Develop Children's Literacy and Power in the Swedish Preschool

    Leif Marklund & Elza Dunkels

    This paper presents different angles on the subject of digital play as a means to develop children's literacy and power, using an online ethnographical study of Swedish preschool teachers'... More

    pp. 289-304

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  4. Teachers' Dispositions towards the Role of Digital Devices in Play-Based Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education

    Ioanna Palaiologou

    A body of research is emerging on early childhood education teachers' views on the integration of digital technologies in their practice. Despite evidence of the digitalisation of homes in affluent... More

    pp. 305-321

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