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Computer Science Education

September 2007 Volume 17, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Approaches to the Implementation of Generic Graduate Attributes in Australian ICT Undergraduate Education

    Reem Al-Mahmood & Paul Gruba

    Over the past few years Australian universities have sought to establish generic graduate attributes statements to meet the demands of external stakeholders. Within the area of information and... More

    pp. 171-185

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  2. Academic Integrity and Plagiarism: Australasian Perspectives

    Donald Joyce

    This paper reviews nearly 80 published items concerned with promoting academic integrity and reducing plagiarism. Nearly all of them were published in the last seven years and have authors based in... More

    pp. 187-200

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  3. A Review of Australasian Investigations into Problem Solving and the Novice Programmer

    Michael de Raadt

    This Australasian focused review compares a number of recent studies that have identified difficulties encountered by novices while learning programming and problem solving. These studies have... More

    pp. 201-213

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  4. Twenty-First Century Australian Women and IT: Exercising the Power of Choice

    Catherine Lang

    This paper investigates the Australian literature relating to female under-representation in the information technology (IT) sphere of careers and education. This summary of the current body of... More

    pp. 215-226

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  5. Online Computer Science Education in Australasia

    M Bower

    This paper reviews contemporary research literature in the area of online computer science education that has emanated from Australasia. First the literature is summarized, initially categorized by... More

    pp. 227-242

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