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Acquisitions Librarian

2005 Volume 17, Number 33

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Number of articles: 13

  1. The Impact of Licenses on Library Collections

    Min Chou & Oliver Zhou

    The increasing popularity of digital information has brought great convenience to library patrons. It has, however, posed challenges to libraries in achieving their major missions, i.e.,... More

    pp. 7-23

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  2. Travels into Several Remote Corners of the Information Universe: A Voyage to the Department of the Houyhnhnmists, or, Licensing Issues and the Integrated Collection

    Timothy Shipe

    The review and negotiation of license agreements has become a time-consuming but necessary part of the job of providing access to the electronic information resources required by libraries' patrons... More

    pp. 25-34

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  3. Harvesting for Disseminating: Open Archives and the Role of Academic Libraries

    Eugenio Pelizzari

    The scholarly communication system is in a critical stage, due to a number of factors. The Open Access movement is perhaps the most interesting response that the scientific community has tried to... More

    pp. 35-51

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  4. The Electronic Librarian: Inching Towards the Revolution

    Emerita M. Cuesta

    Electronic resources are transforming the way librarians work. New technological skills have been added to the librarian's tool kit. Some libraries have undertaken large-scale organizational... More

    pp. 53-62

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  5. The Method behind the Madness: Acquiring Online Journals and a Solution to Provide Access

    Donna Skekel

    Libraries are seeking the best possible solution for integrating online journals into their collections. While exploring the different methods and technology available, many libraries still strive ... More

    pp. 63-71

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  6. Choices in Cataloging Electronic Journals

    Cecilia A. Leathem

    Libraries and catalogers face choices in the treatment of the growing collections of electronic journals. Policies issued by CONSER and the Library of Congress allow libraries to edit existing... More

    pp. 73-83

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  7. Elin@: Electronic Library Information Navigator--Towards the "One Stop Shop" Information

    Anna Alwerud & Lotte Jorgensen

    Libraries subscribe to thousands of electronic journals and they are difficult for end-users to find. Journal and publisher interfaces and functionalities differ considerably. The recent... More

    pp. 85-95

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  8. Western Michigan University Libraries' "Electronic Journal Finder"

    Randle Gedeon & George Boston

    This article describes the development of the "Electronic Journal Finder," a TDNet installation for the University Libraries of Western Michigan University. Topics covered include: rationale for... More

    pp. 97-106

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  9. Integrating Print and Electronic Resources: Joyner Library's "Pirate Source"

    Clark Nall & Janice Steed Lewis

    Valuable information in print is often neglected because of the rapid proliferation of electronic resources and the bias of many library users against print sources. At Joyner Library, it was... More

    pp. 107-120

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  10. Electronic Journals in Aggregated Collections: Providing Access through the Catalog and a Cold Fusion Database

    Sue Anderson

    Patrons in academic libraries want convenient 24-hour access to full-text journals in a rapid, convenient manner. They want "anytime, anywhere" access to information and they do not want to enter a... More

    pp. 121-131

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  11. Just Another Format: Integrating Resources for Users of Personal Digital Assistants

    Denise Koufogiannakis, Pam Ryan & Susan Dahl

    This article discusses the integration of library resources for users of personal digital assistants (PDAs), with a focus on collections issues within an academic environment. The University of... More

    pp. 133-145

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  12. Issues in the Development of an All-Digital Public Health Library in Michigan: The Michigan Community Health Electronic Library

    Harvey R. Brenneise

    The Michigan Community Health Electronic Library (MCHEL) serves the public health and other community health workers in Michigan. It is committed to desktop delivery of the best health information ... More

    pp. 147-157

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  13. Electronic Collection Management: Completing the Cycle--Experiences at Two Libraries

    Judith Hiott & Carla Beasley

    The development of the Internet and the online collections accessed by it has created major adjustments in all library functions, including collection management and budgeting. The authors share... More

    pp. 159-178

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