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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 22, Number 5

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Graham Nuthall and social constructivist teaching: Research-based cautions and qualifications

    Jere Brophy

    Graham Nuthall was drawn to social constructivist theories but relatively pessimistic about the feasibility of social constructivist approaches to teaching, except in rather narrowly specified... More

    pp. 529-537

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  2. Minds and more: Extending the scholarship of Graham Nuthall

    Jean C. McPhail & Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar

    Graham Nuthall described research findings from his recent classroom studies as educationally transformative, analogous to the shift to a Copernican universe. In honouring this assertion, we focus ... More

    pp. 538-546

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  3. Crossing divides: The legacy of Graham Nuthall

    Alan Davis

    Graham Nuthall's work cuts across methodological and conceptual divides that have worked against the development of a theory of learning and teaching that is at once predictive and practical. The... More

    pp. 547-554

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  4. The struggles of the lower-scoring students

    Barak Rosenshine

    Nuthall's exceptional quantitative and qualitative analyses provide us with an illuminating picture of the cognitive and emotional struggles of low-scoring students. His poignant portrayals leave... More

    pp. 555-562

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  5. Using the Nuthall lens on learning to sharpen perceptions of teacher education practice

    Greta Morine-Dershimer

    In this article I consider what teacher educators might learn about our own teaching practice from Nuthall's work on learning in elementary school classrooms. Using key ideas from Nuthall's theory ... More

    pp. 563-579

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  6. In the voice of teachers: The promise and challenge of participating in classroom-based research for teachers’ professional learning

    Elody Rathgen

    This article provides an initial exploration of the impact of teachers’ involvement with classroom-based research projects on their professional learning. Interviews with classroom teachers are... More

    pp. 580-591

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  7. The use of Nuthall's unique methodology to better understand the realities of children's classroom experience

    Sue Collins & Veronica O’Toole

    Within the context of the Project on Learning (a 3-year research project under the direction of Professor Graham Nuthall), each of the authors of this paper participated in a series of classroom... More

    pp. 592-611

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  8. How teaching influences learning: Implications for educational researchers, teachers, teacher educators and policy makers

    Adrienne Alton-Lee

    This article is a tribute to Graham Nuthall's contribution to classroom research from his early experimental studies through to his recent work on theory integration. It also explains the potential... More

    pp. 612-626

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