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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 26, Number 6

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Apples and oranges: Educational enrollment and attainment across countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Miguel Urquiola & Valentina Calderón

    This paper uses household survey data to rank LAC countries’ performance in two areas: (i) getting children into school on time and keeping them there, and (ii) turning their contact with the... More

    pp. 572-590

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  2. Elusive mandate: UNICEF and educational development

    Phillip W. Jones

    The United Nations Children's Fund has rapidly gained prominence as a UN agency promoting educational development. Detailed analysis is presented of UNICEF's transition from being a supplier of... More

    pp. 591-604

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  3. UNDP and educational development: An institutional policy analysis

    Phillip W. Jones

    The role of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in shaping educational development has been considerable. For more than half a century, the scale and reach of UNDP education projects... More

    pp. 605-617

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  4. Democracy, development and education: Working with The Gambian inspectorate

    Clive Harber

    This paper begins by discussing the relationship between democracy and development in Africa and The Gambia in particular. It then examines the potential role of the school inspectorate in the... More

    pp. 618-630

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  5. Does prior mathematics knowledge really lead to variation in elementary statistics performance? Evidence from a developing country

    George Woodward & Don Galagedera

    A model incorporating prerequisite mathematics performance and other variables deemed to be associated with learning elementary statistics (ES) is developed. The relationship between ES performance... More

    pp. 631-639

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  6. Challenges of primary education in Turkey: Priorities of parents and professionals

    Cennet Engin Demir & Fersun Paykoç

    This article investigates the major issues and problems of Turkish society that may have an impact on people's daily lives, and the characteristics required of primary school graduates as citizens ... More

    pp. 640-654

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  7. Emerging regions, persisting rhetoric of educational aid: The impact of the Asian Development Bank on educational policy making in Kazakhstan

    Jazira Asanova

    This study explores the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) discourses and practices in the context of its educational sector support in Kazakhstan. Drawing on the document analysis and interviews with ... More

    pp. 655-666

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