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Human Communication Research

April 2011 Volume 37, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Mobile Communication and Civil Society: Linking Patterns and Places of Use to Engagement with Others in Public

    Scott W. Campbell & Nojin Kwak

    This study examined whether and how mobile communication influences the extent to which one engages with new people in public settings. Contrary to our expectation, general use of the technology in... More

    pp. 207-222

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  2. Technologies, Multitasking, and Driving: Attending to and Preparing for a Mobile Phone Conversation in a Car

    Pentti Haddington & Mirka Rauniomaa

    This article investigates mobile phone calls initiated or received by drivers and passengers in cars and focuses on the participants' actions before the telephone conversation proper. Drawing on... More

    pp. 223-254

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  3. Troubling Consequences of Online Political Rumoring

    R Kelly Garrett

    Fear that the Internet promotes harmful political rumoring is merited but not for reasons originally anticipated. Although the network accelerates and widens rumor circulation, on the whole, it... More

    pp. 255-274

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