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Human Communication Research

July 2010 Volume 36, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Can Computer-Mediated Interventions Change Theoretical Mediators of Safer Sex? A Meta-Analysis

    Seth M. Noar, Larson B. Pierce & Hulda G. Black

    The purpose of this study was to conduct a meta-analysis of computer-mediated interventions (CMIs) aimed at changing theoretical mediators of safer sex. Meta-analytic aggregation of effect sizes... More

    pp. 261-297

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  2. Personalization Versus Customization: The Importance of Agency, Privacy, and Power Usage

    S Shyam Sundar & Sampada S. Marathe

    What makes customization so appealing? Is it because the content is tailored or because the user feels greater agency? Study 1 tested these propositions with a news-aggregator Website that was... More

    pp. 298-322

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  3. Effects of Interpersonal Goals on Inadvertent Intrapersonal Influence in Computer-Mediated Communication

    Joseph B. Walther, Brandon Van Der Heide, Stephanie Tom Tong, Caleb T. Carr & Charles K. Atkin

    This research explores a sequence of effects pertaining to the influence of relational goals on online information seeking, the use of information and arguments as relational management strategies ... More

    pp. 323-347

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  4. A Model and Measure of Mobile Communication Competence

    Emil Bakke

    This article deals with two studies that develop a measure and model of mobile communication competence (MCC). The first study examines the dimensionality of the measure by conducting an... More

    pp. 348-371

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