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Human Communication Research

July 2007 Volume 33, Number 3

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Number of articles: 3

  1. The Proteus Effect: The Effect of Transformed Self-Representation on Behavior

    Nick Yee & Jeremy Bailenson

    Virtual environments, such as online games and web-based chat rooms, increasingly allow us to alter our digital self-representations dramatically and easily. But as we change our self... More

    pp. 271-290

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  2. Online Argument between Israeli Jews and Palestinians

    Donald G. Ellis & Ifat Maoz

    Previous research with face-to-face groups found that majority-minority theory was a better predictor of argument patterns between Israelis and Palestinians than cultural codes theory (D. G. Ellis ... More

    pp. 291-309

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  3. Children's Responses to Computer-Synthesized Speech in Educational Media: Gender Consistency and Gender Similarity Effects

    Kwan Min Lee, Katharine Liao & Seoungho Ryu

    This study examines children's social responses to gender cues in synthesized speech in a computer-based instruction setting. Eighty 5th-grade elementary school children were randomly assigned to... More

    pp. 310-329

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