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Human Communication Research

October 2005 Volume 31, Number 4

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Transformed Social Interaction, Augmented Gaze, and Social Influence in Immersive Virtual Environments

    Jeremy N. Bailenson, Andrew C. Beall, Jack Loomis, Jim Blascovich & Matthew Turk

    Immersive collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) are simulations in which geographically separated individuals interact in a shared, three-dimensional, digital space using immersive virtual... More

    pp. 511-537

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  2. Can a Robot Be Perceived as a Developing Creature? Effects of a Robot's Long-Term Cognitive Developments on Its Social Presence and People's Social Responses toward It

    Kwan Min Lee, Namkee Park & Hayeon Song

    This study tests the effect of long-term artificial development of a robot on users' feelings of social presence and social responses toward the robot. The study is a 2 (developmental capability:... More

    pp. 538-563

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