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Journal of Geography in Higher Education

2012 Volume 36, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Bringing the Real World in: Reflection on Building a Virtual Learning Environment

    Anuradha Mundkur & Cara Ellickson

    We reflect on translating participatory and experiential learning methodologies into an online teaching environment through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that simulates the "real-world"... More

    pp. 369-384

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  2. Integrating Podcast Technology Effectively into Student Learning: A Reflexive Examination

    Jennifer Hill, Amanda Nelson, Derek France & Wendy Woodland

    This paper examines undergraduate student perceptions of the learning utility of video podcasts. The perceived and actual effectiveness of the technology was assessed by written questionnaire,... More

    pp. 437-454

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  3. Creating a Transitional Space for New Students through Pre-Induction Social Networking

    Chris Ribchester, Kelly Wakefield & Gill Miller

    Research has highlighted the importance of social integration and a sense of belonging for facilitating an effective transition into higher education. This paper reports a case study of entrants to... More

    pp. 455-467

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  4. Geotagging Photographs in Student Fieldwork

    Katharine E. Welsh, Derek France, W Brian Whalley & Julian R. Park

    This resource paper provides guidance for staff and students on the potential educational benefits, limitations and applications of geotagging photographs. It also offers practical advice for... More

    pp. 469-480

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