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Topics in Language Disorders

1991 Volume 11, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Integrating Microcomputer Applications into Speech and Language Assessment

    Steven H. Long

    The article addresses advances in speech and language assessment through the use of technology. Discussed are the large amounts of accurate diagnostic information that software can generate and the... More

    pp. 1-17

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  2. Integrating Microcomputers into Language Intervention with Children

    Sylvia Steiner & Vicki Lord Larson

    Through case studies, this article examines how technology can be used as part of intervention strategies with language handicapped children. It discusses theoretical considerations; stimuli,... More

    pp. 18-30

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  3. Integrating Word Processing into Language Intervention

    Paula S. Cochran & Glen L. Bull

    The article offers suggestions for using word processing as an intervention tool with language handicapped students from elementary to college levels. Examples are offered to speech/language... More

    pp. 31-49

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  4. Using Hypermedia to Develop and Deliver Assessment or Intervention Services

    E William Clymer

    The importance of sound instructional design and planning is stressed in this article on the application of hypermedia to intervention with language handicapped children. Hypermedia is defined, its... More

    pp. 50-64

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  5. Microcomputer-Based Systems Providing Biofeedback of Voice and Speech Production

    Robert A. Volin

    The article explains the role of feedback and biofeedback in speech therapy; identifies speech parameters that can be modeled by current systems (e.g., pitch, intensity, voice quality, and... More

    pp. 65-79

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  6. Making Decisions for Retaining, Enhancing, or Replacing Microcomputer Applications

    Arthur H. Schwartz & Carol Cohen

    The article presents a strategy for speech/language clinicians to apply when making decisions about worn out or obsolete technology components or applications. Guidelines are offered for either... More

    pp. 80-89

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