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Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications: An International Journal of the IMA

December 2009 Volume 28, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Bringing Reality into the Classroom

    Andre Heck

    Technology offers ample opportunities to bring reality into the classroom. Students and teachers nowadays have many tools to work in an authentic way with real data in mathematics and science... More

    pp. 164-179

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  2. Their World, Our World--Bridging the Divide

    Adrian Oldknow

    Students worldwide are gaining access to powerful computing devices and services. They are learning from each other how to find and share information, how to carry out useful tasks such as editing ... More

    pp. 180-195

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  3. Towards a Competence Model for Working with Symbolic Calculators in the Frame of the Function Concept

    Hans-Georg Weigand

    A long-term project (2005-2012) was started to test the use of symbolic calculators (SCs) in Bavarian grammar schools (Germany) in Grade 10, 11 and 12. The results showed the necessity of having... More

    pp. 196-207

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  4. Approaches to In-Service Teacher Development in England and Wales Concerning the Use of Technology in Secondary Mathematics

    Alison Clark-Wilson

    In England and Wales, there has been a significant investment in technology to support teaching and learning in all subjects and school phases since the mid-1990s and a number of training models... More

    pp. 208-211

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  5. The Perceived Impact of ICT on Mathematical Learning by Mathematics Teachers in the UK

    Carol Knights

    Following the publication of the results of a survey of classroom teachers conducted by Hyde (2004) 5 years ago, a similar, smaller scale study has been carried out by the author and a study group.... More

    pp. 212-215

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  6. Using Live, Online Tutoring to Inspire Post 16 Students to Engage with Higher Level Mathematics

    Richard Lissaman, Sue de Pomerai & Sharon Tripconey

    In recent years, there has been a decline in the number of students aged 16-18 studying and being able to access higher level mathematics in schools in the UK. The Further Mathematics Network (FMN)... More

    pp. 216-221

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  7. The Exponential Growth of Mathematics and Technology at the University of Portsmouth

    Michael McCabe

    The number of students studying university mathematics in the UK has been increasing gradually and linearly since 2002. At the University of Portsmouth, number of students studying mathematics... More

    pp. 222-227

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  8. Researching Principles of Lesson Design to Realize the Pedagogical Opportunities of Mathematics Analysis Software

    Robyn Pierce & Kaye Stacey

    Taking advantage of pedagogical opportunities afforded by new technology requires appropriately designed lessons. This article reports on the use of "lesson study" to research principles for the... More

    pp. 228-233

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