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Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications: An International Journal of the IMA

2007 Volume 26, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. A Cryptological Way of Teaching Mathematics

    Pino Caballero-Gil & Carlos Bruno-Castaneda

    This work addresses the subject of mathematics education at secondary schools from a current and stimulating point of view intimately related to computational science. Cryptology is a captivating... More

    pp. 2-16

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  2. Whiteboard Math Movies

    Tim Fahlberg, Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska & Graeme MacNeil

    In this article, we discuss whiteboard math movies (a.k.a. mathcasts) and their applications to mathematics education. A whiteboard math (wbm) movie is a screen recording of writing plus voice and/... More

    pp. 17-22

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  3. Introducing Computer Algebra to School Teachers of Mathematics

    Yiu-Kwong Man

    Since the last decade, the use of computer algebra systems at the Hong Kong school level is still very limited. Among various reasons behind, the lack of exposure of this kind of software to local ... More

    pp. 23-26

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  4. Experimental Mathematics in the Curriculum (Part 2)

    J P. Ward

    In part 1 of this work we showed how modern mathematical research could, with a suitably chosen problem, be included in the first year curriculum of undergraduate mathematicians. With the use of... More

    pp. 27-37

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  5. Iterating the Number of Intersection Points of the Diagonals of Irregular Convex Polygons, or C (n, 4) the Hard Way!

    Leith Hathout

    Counting the number of internal intersection points made by the diagonals of irregular convex polygons where no three diagonals are concurrent is an interesting problem in discrete mathematics.... More

    pp. 38-44

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