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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

October 2013 Volume 29, Number 5

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Building a Global Community of Policymakers, Researchers and Educators to Move Education Systems into the Digital Age

    J Voogt & G Knezek

    The EDUsummIT 2011 aimed to develop (a) recommendations for policy, practice and research that will help educational systems move into the digital age and (b) strategies to build a global community... More

    pp. 399-402

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  2. Challenges to Learning and Schooling in the Digital Networked World of the 21st Century

    J Voogt, O Erstad, C Dede & P Mishra

    This article elaborates on the competencies, often referred to as 21st century competencies, that are needed to be able to live in and contribute to our current (and future) society. We begin by... More

    pp. 403-413

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  3. Blending Student Technology Experiences in Formal and Informal Learning

    K-W Lai, F Khaddage & Gerald Knezek

    In this article, we discuss the importance of recognizing students' technology-enhanced informal learning experiences and develop pedagogies to connect students' formal and informal... More

    pp. 414-425

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  4. Moving Education into the Digital Age: The Contribution of Teachers' Professional Development

    P Twining, J Raffaghelli, P Albion & D Knezek

    This article introduces the main outcomes of discussions at EDUsummIT 2011 by the specific Technical Working Group on Teacher Professional Development (TWG3). The focus was to explore how... More

    pp. 426-437

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  5. Restructuring of Educational Systems in the Digital Age from a Co-Evolutionary Perspective

    N Davis, B Eickelmann & P Zaka

    There have been repeated calls for restructuring of schooling to take advantage of information and communication technologies (ICT). This article recognizes an increasing range of radical... More

    pp. 438-450

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  6. Challenges for Information Technology Supporting Educational Assessment

    M Webb, D Gibson & A Forkosh-Baruch

    This article examines the scope for IT-enabled assessments to serve simultaneously both learners and the enterprise of education. The article proposes ways of combining frameworks that come from... More

    pp. 451-462

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  7. Barriers to Successful Implementation of Technology Integration in Educational Settings: A Case Study

    T Laferrière, C Hamel & M Searson

    Representing issues discussed at the EduSummIT 2011 relative to essential conditions and barriers to successful technology integration, this article presents a systemic analysis of barriers that... More

    pp. 463-473

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  8. Researching IT in Education

    M J. Cox, D S. Niederhauser, N Castillo, A B. McDougall, T Sakamoto & S Roesvik

    Many regions around the world are experiencing a gradual paradigm shift away from information technology (IT) use that complements traditional teaching and towards embedded IT use in E-learning... More

    pp. 474-486

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