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Language and Cognitive Processes

2010 Volume 25, Number 4

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Short-Term Forgetting in Sentence Comprehension: Crosslinguistic Evidence from Verb-Final Structures

    Shravan Vasishth, Katja Suckow, Richard L. Lewis & Sabine Kern

    Seven experiments using self-paced reading and eyetracking suggest that omitting the middle verb in a double centre embedding leads to easier processing in English but leads to greater difficulty... More

    pp. 533-567

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  2. Object Interference in Children's Colour and Position Naming: Lexical Interference or Task-Set Competition?

    Wido La Heij, Harrie Boelens & Jan-Rouke Kuipers

    Cascade models of word production assume that during lexical access all activated concepts activate their names. In line with this view, it has been shown that naming an object's colour is... More

    pp. 568-588

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