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Education and Computing

1993 Volume 8, Number 4

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Software Engineering Education--Adjusting Our Sails

    Gustav Pomberger

    Discusses software engineering and suggests necessary elements in a software engineering curriculum. Topics addressed include the importance of theory, project-oriented education, prototyping,... More

    pp. 287-94

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  2. Human-Computer Interaction in the Informatics Curriculum

    Jenny Preece

    Discussion of human-computer interaction (HCI) as an essential part of the design of computing systems focuses on incorporating HCI into university computing courses. HCI training needs for various... More

    pp. 295-301

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  3. Why We Should No Longer Only Repair, Polish and Iron Current Computer Science Educations

    Jozef Gruska

    Describes shortcomings of computer science/engineering education and explains a new focus on informatics. Highlights include simulation, visualization, algorithmization, design of information... More

    pp. 303-30

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  4. Portable AI Lab for Teaching Artificial Intelligence

    Michael Rosner & Fabio Baj

    Describes the Portable AI Lab, a computing environment containing artificial intelligence (AI) tools, examples, and documentation for use with university AI courses. Two modules of the lab are... More

    pp. 347-55

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