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Education and Computing

1985 Volume 1, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Cognitive and Visual Elements of Using Computers for Instruction

    Morrison F. Hammond

    Addresses cognitive style and visual literacy in use of instructional computing, focusing on learner interaction with screen displays and ways cognitive style and visual preferences facilitate or... More

    pp. 155-161

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  2. Quest in the Learning Environment: Computer Assisted Information Handling as a Tool for Learning and Curriculum Development

    Diana Freeman & John Levett

    Describes two research projects based on QUEST and proposes an information handling model. Design, interrogation, and evaluation of data files are discussed relative to restraints imposed by child'... More

    pp. 163-171

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  3. The Challenge of Information Technology to Education

    Klaus Haefner

    Summarizes ideas on five main issues presented at the World Conference on Computers in Education held in Norfolk, Virginia, in August 1985: impact of transferring practical information processing... More

    pp. 173-178

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  4. Reflections on Inequities in Computer Education: Do the Rich Get Richer?

    Betty Collis

    Discusses worldwide inequities in computer education based on gender, socioeconomic level, country of residence, and specific school policies, and their resultant consequences. Concerns about these... More

    pp. 179-186

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