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Discourse Processes: A Multidisciplinary Journal

2013 Volume 50, Number 8

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Allocation of Limited Cognitive Resources during Text Comprehension in a Second Language

    Yasunori Morishima

    For native (L1) comprehenders, lower-level language processes such as lexical access and parsing are considered to consume few cognitive resources. In contrast, these processes pose considerable... More

    pp. 577-597

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  2. Distinguishing Sarcasm from Literal Language: Evidence from Books and Blogging

    David Kovaz, Roger J. Kreuz & Monica A. Riordan

    Sarcasm production and comprehension have been traditionally described in terms of pragmatic factors. Lexical cues have received less attention, but they may be important potential indicators. A... More

    pp. 598-615

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