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School Psychology International

December 2013 Volume 34, Number 6

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Cyberbullying among Youth: A Comprehensive Review of Current International Research and Its Implications and Application to Policy and Practice

    Wanda Cassidy, Chantal Faucher & Margaret Jackson

    Cyberbullying research is rapidly expanding with many studies being published from around the world in the past five or six years. In this article we review the current international literature... More

    pp. 575-612

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  2. Cyberbullying and Its Risk Factors among Chinese High School Students

    Zongkui Zhou, Hanying Tang, Yuan Tian, Hua Wei, Fengjuan Zhang & Chelsey M. Morrison

    Cyberbullying has become a common occurrence among adolescents worldwide; however, it has yet to receive adequate scholarly attention in China, especially in the mainland. The present study... More

    pp. 630-647

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