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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

June 2009 Volume 35, Number 3

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  1. Spatial Grouping Determines Temporal Integration

    Frouke Hermens, Frank Scharnowski & Michael H. Herzog

    To make sense out of a continuously changing visual world, people need to integrate features across space and time. Despite more than a century of research, the mechanisms of features integration... More

    pp. 595-610

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  2. Experts Appear to Use Angle of Elevation Information in Basketball Shooting

    Rita Ferraz de Oliveira, Raoul R. D. Oudejans & Peter J. Beek

    For successful basketball shooting, players must use information about the location of the basket relative to themselves. In this study, the authors examined to what extent shooting performance... More

    pp. 750-761

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  3. The Attentional Blink Provides Episodic Distinctiveness: Sparing at a Cost

    Brad Wyble, Howard Bowman & Mark Nieuwenstein

    The attentional blink (J. E. Raymond, K. L. Shapiro, & K. M. Arnell, 1992) refers to an apparent gap in perception observed when a second target follows a first within several hundred milliseconds.... More

    pp. 787-807

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