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Teaching Sociology

2008 Volume 36, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Information Literacy: The Partnership of Sociology Faculty and Social Science Librarians

    Patti S. Caravello, Edward L. Kain, Triveni Kuchi, Susan Macicak & Gregory L. Weiss

    This paper discusses a joint project of the American Library Association and the American Sociological Association. The goal of this collaboration is to guarantee that students of sociology,... More

    pp. 8-16

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  2. Using ICPSR Resources to Teach Sociology

    Lynette F. Hoelter, Felicia B. LeClere, Amy M. Pienta, Rachael E. Barlow & James W. McNally

    The focus on quantitative literacy has been increasingly outside the realm of mathematics. The social sciences are well suited to including quantitative elements throughout the curriculum but doing... More

    pp. 17-25

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  3. Learning to Teach Online

    Marisol Clark-Ibanez & Linda Scott

    The demand for online courses is growing. This paper offers suggestions on how to teach online courses that promote student engagement and learning. We discuss the benefits and challenges of... More

    pp. 34-41

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