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Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST)

2002 Volume 36, Number

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Scholarly Communication and Bibliometrics

    Christine L. Borgman & Jonathan Furner

    This review of scholarly communication and bibliometrics discusses relational link analysis; evaluative link analysis; measures of evaluation for documents, people, journals, organizations, and... More

    pp. 3-72

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  2. Computer-Mediated Communication on the Internet

    Susan C. Herring

    This review of computer-mediated communication (CMC) on the Internet focuses on empirical research in noninstitutional and nonorganizational contexts. Highlights include modes of CMC; appropriate... More

    pp. 109-68

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  3. Organizational Knowledge and Communities of Practice

    Elisabeth Davenport & Hazel Hall

    Discusses communities of practice and their role in organizational knowledge. Topics include situated learning and situated actions; distributed cognition; discourse analysis, conversation analysis... More

    pp. 171-227

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  4. Intelligence, Information Technology, and Information Warfare

    Philip H. J. Davies

    Addresses the use of information technology for intelligence and information warfare in the context of national security and reviews the status of clandestine collection. Discusses hacking, human... More

    pp. 313-52

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  5. Competitive Intelligence

    Pierrette Bergeron & Christine A. Hiller

    Reviews the evolution of competitive intelligence since 1994, including terminology and definitions and analytical techniques. Addresses the issue of ethics; explores how information technology... More

    pp. 353-90

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  6. Social Informatics: Perspectives, Examples, and Trends

    Steve Sawyer & Kristin R. Eschenfelder

    Discusses the problems, methods, and domains that help define social informatics and considers how it relates to information science. Topics include the relationship between uses of information and... More

    pp. 427-65

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  7. Digital Libraries

    Edward A. Fox & Shalini R. Urs

    Provides an overview of digital libraries research, practice, and literature. Highlights include new technologies; redefining roles; historical background; trends; creating digital content,... More

    pp. 503-89

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