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Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST)

1997 Volume 32, Number

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems: Approaches, Issues, and Methods

    Stephen P. Harter & Carol A. Hert

    Discusses the traditional Cranfield model for information retrieval (IR) evaluation, problems with the model, and extensions and alternatives to Cranfield; describes emerging themes in IR... More

    pp. 3-94

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  2. Visualization of Literatures

    Howard D. White & Katherine W. McCain

    Argues that information science is the interface between people and literatures. Presents recent models of literatures that offer visual cues to relationships among writings that often are based on... More

    pp. 99-168

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  3. Content Evaluation of Databases

    Peter Jacso

    Reviews the literature on the content aspects of database quality, specifically scope, composition, currency, accuracy, consistency, completeness, and source, journal, geographic, language, and... More

    pp. 231-67

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  4. Chemical Structure Handling by Computer

    C Gregory Paris

    Organized from the viewpoint of information retrieval theory, this review addresses issues of chemical information representation, comparison and matching, and retrieval strategies. Additional... More

    pp. 271-337

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  5. Information Ethics

    Martha Montague Smith

    Focuses on information ethics in scholarly and professional literature. Computer ethics, cyberethics, and the philosophies of information and information technology are also discussed. The recent... More

    pp. 339-66

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  6. Legal Informatics: Application of Information Technology in Law

    Sanda Erdelez & Sheila O'Hare

    Reviews the literature on legal information systems/CALR (computer-assisted legal research) and law office automation, including legal expert systems and information technology applications... More

    pp. 367-402

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