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Engineering Design Graphics Journal

1987 Volume 51, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Visual Propositions for the Integration of CADD and TRAD

    Walter E. Rodriguez-Ramos

    Advances four propositions in an effort to provide a frame of reference for a new generation of interactive engineering graphics scholars. Suggests the integration of traditional engineering... More

    pp. 17-23

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  2. Three-Dimensional Representation of a Cylinder on a Graphics Display Device

    Alan Lynch & Roland Jenison

    Demonstrates one method for finding parallel tangents to a cylinder based on geometric properties of the three dimensional representation of the cylinders. Uses rotational transformations to obtain... More

    pp. 24-28

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  3. Techniques for Generating Objects in a Three-Dimensional CAD System

    Larry D. Goss

    Discusses coordinate systems, units of measure, scaling and levels as they relate to a database generated by a computer in a spatial rather than planer location. Describes geometric-oriented input,... More

    pp. 29-35

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  4. Design and Implementation of a CADD Lab at the University of Winconsin-Milwaukee

    Edward W. Knoblock

    Describes the process of planning, designing and implementing a computer-assisted design laboratory to serve both a freshman engineering graphics and a sophomore engineering design course.... More

    pp. 36-45

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