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Educational Psychologist

2005 Volume 40, Number 4

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Number of articles: 4

  1. A Theoretical Framework and Approach for Fostering Metacognitive Development

    Barbara White & John Frederiksen

    This article provides an overview of our work on the nature of metacognitive knowledge, its relationship to learning through inquiry, and technologies that can be used to foster and assess its... More

    pp. 211-223

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  2. Scaffolding Deep Comprehension Strategies Through Point&Query, AutoTutor, and iSTART

    Arthur C. Graesser, Danielle S. McNamara & Kurt VanLehn

    It is well-documented that most students do not have adequate proficiencies in inquiry and metacognition, particularly at deeper levels of comprehension that require explanatory reasoning. The... More

    pp. 225-234

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  3. A Framework for Supporting Metacognitive Aspects of Online Inquiry through Software-Based Scaffolding

    Chris Quintana, Meilan Zhang & Joseph Krajcik

    Major educational policy groups call on learners to engage in inquiry-based activities. With a growing amount of information now available online, there is an increased focus on online inquiry... More

    pp. 235-244

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  4. Can Computer-Based Learning Environments (CBLEs) Be Used as Self-Regulatory Tools to Enhance Learning?

    Barry J. Zimmerman & Kallen E. Tsikalas

    In this commentary, we utilize a social cognitive view of self-regulation to analyze the computer-based learning environments (CBLEs) that are described in the various articles in this volume.... More

    pp. 267-271

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