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Education & Training

2001 Volume 43, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. E-Learning Markets and Providers: Some Issues and Prospects

    Kate Fry

    Describes the rise of electronic learning, size of the market, and activities of provider organizations. Depicts the wide range of providers and alliances that are emerging and discusses the need... More

    pp. 233-39

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  2. E-Learning Developments and Experiences

    Shirley Alexander

    Proposes a framework for the design and development of higher education electronic learning systems that focuses less on technology delivery than on university context, teacher views of learning,... More

    pp. 240-48

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  3. E-Learning Technology, Content and Services

    Paul Henry

    Electronic learning involves a holistic approach independent of courses, technologies, or infrastructures. The approach includes integrated learning paths that vary according to student, content,... More

    pp. 249-55

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  4. Corporate Developments and Strategic Alliances in E-Learning

    Thomas Clarke & Antoine Hermens

    Describes the emergence of corporate universities and strategic alliances among universities, electronic learning companies, and technology companies that are providing online delivery of... More

    pp. 256-67

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