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Education & Training

1998 Volume 40, Number 8

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Issues in Training Lecturers to Exploit the Internet as a Teaching Resource

    Debra Fayter

    Outlines the rationale for a course for university faculty wanting to use the Internet for teaching and learning. Evaluates potential benefits of using the Internet and assesses concerns about the ... More

    pp. 334-39

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  2. As We May Teach

    Tom Davis

    Examines the concept of the memex, use of the computer as a hypertext learning and teaching tool. Discusses the practical implication of this concept using the World Wide Web. Lists disadvantages... More

    pp. 347-52

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  3. From Answer Garden to Answer Jungle

    Jon Dron, Richard Mitchell & Phil Siviter

    The use of Usenet newsgroups in a computing and information systems classroom at the University of Brighton showed how Internet-based learning systems can encourage rapid evolution so that... More

    pp. 353-58

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  4. Student C&IT Skills Development and the Learning Environment: Evaluation and Module Evolution

    John Grattan, Giles H. Brown & Jennifer Horgan

    Students who used the Geohazards course were compared with those using the Malta Fieldcourse, both intended to develop skills in communications and information technology. The result was that both ... More

    pp. 366-73

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