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1992 Volume 57, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Testing for DIF in a Model with Single Peaked Item Characteristic Curves: The PARELLA Model

    Herbert Hoijtink & Ivo W. Molenaar

    The PARallELogram Analysis (PARELLA) model is a probabilistic parallelogram model that can be used for the measurement of latent attitudes or latent preferences. A method is presented for testing... More

    pp. 383-97

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  2. Asymptotic Distributions of the Estimators of Communalities in Factor Analysis

    Masanori Ichikawa

    Asymptotic distributions of the estimators of communalities are derived for the maximum likelihood method in factor analysis. It is shown that equating the asymptotic standard error of the... More

    pp. 399-404

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  3. Computing Maximum Likelihood Estimates of Loglinear Models from Marginal Sums with Special Attention to Loglinear Item Response Theory

    Henk Kelderman

    Describes algorithms used in the computer program LOGIMO for obtaining maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters in loglinear models. These algorithms are also useful for the analysis of... More

    pp. 437-50

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