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Journal of Teacher Education

2003 Volume 54, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Toward a Theory of Negativity: Teacher Education and Information and Communications Technology

    Heather-Jane Robertson

    Examines technopositivism as a marketed ideology and follows the marketing strategies that appropriate and redefine educational goals and problems, exploring the alleged link between constructivism... More

    pp. 280-96

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  2. Examining Teacher Technology Use: Implications for Preservice and Inservice Teacher Preparation

    Michael Russell, Damian Bebell, Laura O'Dwyer & Kathleen O'Connor

    Surveyed Massachusetts teachers regarding the extent to which they used technology within and outside of the classroom for instructional purposes. Results highlighted six categories of... More

    pp. 297-310

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  3. Safe Passages: Providing Online Support to Beginning Teachers

    Marjorie Helsel DeWert, Leslie M. Babinski & Brett D. Jones

    Examined the use of online collaborative consultation in providing social, emotional, practical, and professional support to beginning teachers. Beginning and experienced teachers and teacher... More

    pp. 311-20

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  4. Scaffolding Critical Reflection in Online Discussions: Helping Prospective Teachers Think Deeply about Field Experiences in Urban Schools

    Joan L. Whipp

    Compared patterns and levels of reflection in two semesters of preservice teachers' email discussions about field experiences in urban schools. Higher levels of reflection were rare during the... More

    pp. 321-33

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  5. Why Improving Preservice Teacher Educational Technology Preparation Must Go beyond the College's Walls

    Sara Dexter & Eric Riedel

    Surveyed preservice teachers regarding important factors in predicting their professional uses of technology and having K-12 students use technology in the classroom. Results found that setting... More

    pp. 334-46

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