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Computers and the Humanities

1998 Volume 31, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. SGML and the Orlando Project: Descriptive Markup for an Electronic History of Women's Writing

    Susan Brown, Sue Fisher, Patricia Clements, Katherine Binhammer, Terry Butler, Kathryn Carter, Isobel Grundy & Susan Hockey

    Describes novel ways in which the Orlando Project, based at the Universities of Alberta and Guelph, is using Standardized General Markup Language (SGML) to create an integrated electronic history... More

    pp. 271-84

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  2. Evaluating Learning and Interactions in a Multimedia Environment

    Lise Desmarais, Lise Duquette, Delphine Renie & Michel Laurier

    Undertakes a study to evaluate second-language learning with a videodisc named "Vi-Conte." Presents the research methodology as well as analyses of 78 learners' navigational patterns, strategies,... More

    pp. 327-49

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  3. The State of Authorship Attribution Studies: Some Problems and Solutions

    Joseph Rudman

    Explicates the statement, "Results of most non-traditional authorship studies are not universally accepted as definitive." Lists and discusses six problems associated with these studies, and... More

    pp. 351-65

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