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Computers and the Humanities

1991 Volume 25, Number 6

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Humanities Computing 25 Years Later

    Joseph Raben

    Provides an overview of the development of humanities computing during the past 25 years. Mentions the major applications of the computer to humanities disciplines including the generation of... More

    pp. 341-50

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  2. Progress in Stylistics: Theory, Statistics, Computers

    Louis Milic

    Assesses the progress made in computational stylistics over the past 25 years. Discusses theoretical notions of style. Describes certain trends that emerge from relevant articles in conference... More

    pp. 393-400

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  3. Statistical Analysis of Literature: A Retrospective on "Computers and the Humanities," 1966-1990

    Rosanne G. Potter

    Reviews essays on statistical analysis of literature from the journal "Computers and the Humanities." Divides the essays into four groups: the philosophical, statistical analyses of language,... More

    pp. 401-29

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