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Computers and the Humanities

1991 Volume 25, Number 5

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Number of articles: 5

  1. "Minds and Machines" for Humanities Majors: A Liberal Arts Course in Computers and Cognition

    Steven Cushing

    Discusses "Minds and Machines," a one-semester undergraduate course for nontechnical majors. Explains that the course examines how philosophical problems of knowledge, cognition, language, and... More

    pp. 275-80

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  2. Using a Morphological Analyzer to Teach Theoretical Morphology

    Judith L. Klavans & Martin S. Chodorow

    Discusses the use of an instructional morphological parser (IMP) in the teaching of courses in theoretical and computational morphology. Provides an overview of computational morphology. Outlines... More

    pp. 281-87

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  3. On the Benefits of Interrelating Computer Science and the Humanities: The Case of Metaphor

    Christian Koch

    Suggests that instruction and research that combine the humanities and computer science should be conducted by people skilled in both fields. Argues against dividing such work between idea and... More

    pp. 289-95

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  4. The Role and Design of Computer Studies in a Research-Oriented Translation Program

    Ingrid Meyer

    Notes the increasing use of computers by professional translators. Argues that instruction in translation systems should prepare students for both the receiving and production ends of machine... More

    pp. 297-301

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  5. An Interdisciplinary Bibliography for Computers and the Humanities Courses

    Heyward Ehrlich

    Presents an annotated bibliography of works related to the subject of computers and the humanities. Groups items into textbooks and overviews; introductions; human and computer languages; literary ... More

    pp. 315-26

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