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Computers and the Humanities

1990 Volume 24, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Comparison of Musical Sequences

    Marcel Mongeau & David Sankoff

    Quantifies and confirms subjective impressions of similarity and differences in musical monophonic scores. Adapts concepts from sequence comparison theory and uses algorithms to define distances... More

    pp. 161-75

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  2. Poetry I: Teaching Verse with CAI

    W Webster Newbold & Herbert F. W. Stahlke

    Depicts Poetry I, a computerized lesson designed to introduce undergraduates to poetry's fundamentals and maximize student involvement. Driven by DECTalk's verse processor, the lesson teaches... More

    pp. 177-85

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  3. Volume Functions of Historical Texts and the Amplitude Correlation Principle

    Anatoliy T. Fomenko & Svetlozar T. Rachev

    Proposes an empirico-statistical model to differentiate dependent and independent historical texts. Formulates a regard for information principle and an amplitude correlation principle.... More

    pp. 187-206

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  4. DOC 1988: The Modernization of a Chinese Dialect Dictionary on Computer

    Jonathan Scott Yaruss

    Reviews improvements to the Dictionary on Computer (DOC) research system redesigned by the University of California Berkeley Project on Linguistic Analysis. Emphasizes the redesigned program's... More

    pp. 207-19

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