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Computers and the Humanities

1976 Volume 10, Number 6

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Natural Themes in Soviet School History Textbooks

    Chalres D. Cary

    This article reports on a computer analysis of 3,281 exercises in the eleven textbooks required forhistory instruction in grades 4-10 of Soviet general-education schools circa 1970. (Author) More

    pp. 313-23

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  2. Computer Application of a Syntactic Density Measure

    Carole L. Kidder & Lester S. Golub

    A computer program for measuring the complexity of syntactic structures in different levels of graded reading materials and in children's oral and written language is presented. (RW) More

    pp. 325-31

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  3. On the Measurement of Alliteration in Poetry

    Jay A. Leavitt

    This work represents an effort to develop empirical algorithms useful for measuring alliteration. The resulting rankings compare not unfavorable with an intuitive ranking. (Author) More

    pp. 333-42

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    Susan Strapac

    A report on MUSICOMP 76, "an intensive workshop designed to introduce music historians, theorists, and analysts to computer techniques relevant to their research," is presented. (Author/RW) More

    pp. 343-5

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  5. Computerized Terminology

    Hans Karlgren

    The use of the computer to establish a set of consistent terms when translating legal and technical texts in Swedish, Finnish and English is discussed. (RW) More

    pp. 345-6

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