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Chemical Engineering Education (CEE)

2014 Volume 48, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Reactor Analysis: A Web-Based Reactor Design Game

    Nese Orbey, Molly Clay & TW Fraser Russell

    An approach to explain chemical engineering through a Web-based interactive game design was developed and used with college freshman and junior/senior high school students. The goal of this... More

    pp. 199-206

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  2. A Thermodynamics Course Package in Onenote

    John L. Falconer, Garret D. Nicodemus, J Will Medlin, Janet deGrazia & Katherine P. McDanel

    A ready-to-use package of active-learning materials for a semester-long chemical engineering thermodynamics course was prepared for instructors, and similar materials are being prepared for a... More

    pp. 209-214

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  3. Reinforcing Concepts of Transient Heat Conduction and Convection with Simple Experiments and COMSOL Simulations

    Sergio Mendez & Lisa AungYong

    To help students make the connection between the concepts of heat conduction and convection to real-world phenomenon, we developed a combined experimental and computational module that can be... More

    pp. 215-220

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