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Chemical Engineering Education (CEE)

2011 Volume 45, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Continuous and Batch Distillation in an Oldershaw Tray Column

    Carlos M. Silva, Raquel V. Vaz, Ana S. Santiago & Patricia F. Lito

    The importance of distillation in the separation field prompts the inclusion of distillation experiments in the chemical engineering curricula. This work describes the performance of an Oldershaw... More

    pp. 106-113

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  2. Combining Experiments and Simulation of Gas Absorption for Teaching Mass Transfer Fundamentals: Removing CO2 from Air Using Water and NaOH

    William M. Clark, Yaminah Z. Jackson, Michael T. Morin & Giacomo P. Ferraro

    Laboratory experiments and computer models for studying the mass transfer process of removing CO2 from air using water or dilute NaOH solution as absorbent are presented. Models tie experiment to... More

    pp. 133-143

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  3. Class and Home Problems: Optimization Problems

    Brian J. Anderson, Robin S. Hissam, Joseph A. Shaeiwitz & Richard Turton

    Optimization problems suitable for all levels of chemical engineering students are available. These problems do not require advanced mathematical techniques, since they can be solved using typical ... More

    pp. 144-154

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