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Chemical Engineering Education (CEE)

2010 Volume 44, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Vapor-Liquid Equilibria Using the Gibbs Energy and the Common Tangent Plane Criterion

    Maria del Mar Olaya, Juan A. Reyes-Labarta, Maria Dolores Serrano & Antonio Marcilla

    Phase thermodynamics is often perceived as a difficult subject with which many students never become fully comfortable. The Gibbsian geometrical framework can help students to gain a better... More

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  2. Using Aspen to Teach Chromatographic Bioprocessing: A Case Study in Weak Partitioning Chromatography for Biotechnology Applications

    Steven T. Evans, Xinqun Huang & Steven M. Cramer

    The commercial simulator Aspen Chromatography was employed to study and optimize an important new industrial separation process, weak partitioning chromatography. This case study on antibody... More

    pp. 198-207

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  3. YouTube Fridays: Engaging the Net Generation in 5 Minutes a Week

    Matthew W. Liberatore

    YouTube Fridays is a teaching tool that devotes the first five minutes of class each Friday to a YouTube video related to the course. Students select the videos, which expand the class's... More

    pp. 215-221

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  4. Polymerization Simulator for Introductory Polymer and Material Science Courses

    William M. Chirdon

    This work describes how molecular simulation of polymerization reactions can be used to enrich introductory polymer or material science courses to give students a deeper understanding of free... More

    pp. 222-228

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