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Chemical Engineering Education (CEE)

2008 Volume 42, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Equilibrium-Staged Separations Using Matlab and Mathematica

    Housam Binous

    We show a new approach, based on the utilization of Matlab and Mathematica, for solving liquid-liquid extraction and binary distillation problems. In addition, the author shares his experience... More

    pp. 69-73

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  2. XSEOS: An Open Software for Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

    Marcelo Castier

    An Excel add-in--XSEOS--that implements several excess Gibbs free energy models and equations of state has been developed for educational use. Several traditional and modern thermodynamic models... More

    pp. 74-81

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  3. Group Projects in Chemical Engineering Using a Wiki

    Jeffrey J. Heys

    Group projects are common in undergraduate chemical engineering course. Wikis are a new medium for group projects because they are Webpages that are edited using the same software used to view the ... More

    pp. 91-95

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  4. Challenges of Implementing a Joint Industrial-Academic Research Project as Part of a Nontraditional Industrial Ph.D. Dissertation

    Jeffrey R. Seay & Mario R. Eden

    This contribution will address the challenges of implementing a collaborative research project between industry and academia as part of an industrial Ph.D. dissertation. The research project is a... More

    pp. 112-116

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