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Chemical Engineering Education (CEE)

2007 Volume 41, Number 4

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Incorporation of Data Analysis throughout the ChE Curriculum Made Easy with DataFit

    James R. Brenner

    At Florida Tech, we have incorporated DataFit from Oakdale Engineering throughout the entire curriculum, beginning with ChE 1102, an eight-week, one-day-per-week, two-hour, one-credit-hour, second-... More

    pp. 253-257

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  2. Teaching Reaction Engineering Using the Attainable Region

    Matthew J. Metzger, Benjamin J. Glasser, David Glasser, Brendon Hausberger & Diane Hildebrandt

    Ask a graduating chemical engineering student the following question: What makes one reactor different from the next? The answers received will often be unsatisfactory and will vary widely in scope... More

    pp. 258-264

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