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Chemical Engineering Education (CEE)

1991 Volume 25, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. A Membrane Gas Separation Experiment for the Undergraduate Laboratory

    Richard A. Davis & Orville C. Sandall

    Described is a membrane experiment that provides students with experience in fundamental engineering skills such as mass balances, modeling, and using the computer as a research tool. Included are ... More

    pp. 10-15

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  2. A "User-Friendly" Program for Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium

    Francisco A. Da Silva

    Described is a computer software package suitable for teaching and research in the area of multicomponent vapor-liquid equilibrium. This program, which has a complete database, can accomplish phase... More

    pp. 24-27

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  3. The Power of Spreadsheets

    Michael Misovich & Karyn Biasca

    Discussed are the possible uses of spreadsheets in the undergraduate curriculum in chemical engineering classes. The advantages and flexibility of spreadsheets, spreadsheet instruction, graphing... More

    pp. 46-49

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